COVID 19 Safety Procedures

1.) Teachers and students will be required to wear masks/face coverings to and from class and during class. Do not remove masks at anytime while in the studio.
2.) All parents must wear masks and are only allowed to make payments in the office one at a time.
3.) Parents/ guardians will be asked to wait in their car or outside the studio door during class time.
4.) Students should be picked up immediately when class is over, please pick them up outside of the studio doors.
5.) Students should enter the studio door that they have their class in, do not use the office door for student drop off.
6.) Students  should come dressed for class with the exception of shoes. They may change shoes in the studio, but bathrooms should not be used as dressing rooms.
7.) Please encourage  your student use the bathroom before coming to the studio.
8.) Students need to keep six feet distance at all times from other students, no hugging, high fives, holding hands etc. please talk to your young students about this.
9.)  Office not open to students unless an emergency.
10.) Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the studio and each student is required to use sanitizer before class.
11.). Please,  never send your student to the studio if they have any symptoms of illness, fever, cough, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, body ache or stomach ache. We will  be checking temperatures at the door.
12.) No food or snacks at the studio. Only bottled water and please mark students bottle with their name.
13.) No parent waiting in the studio or lounge area. Parent viewing form outside windows only, but please safely distance self.
14.) Tuition payment can now be made by Venmo,  @TheDanceProgram
15.) Limited space is available so we suggest you come in and pre-register during our registration week
16 )Cleaning measures, including wiping door handles, barres, floors and cleaning of bathrooms between each class so please pick up students on time and drop off no earlier than 5 minutes before class.
 17. We don’t want students to be scared to return, share these procedures with your student, yet present in a positive  way

If you have any questions please call Crystina or Lisa to discuss